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   Who are the JUL Designers

Laura Bellows was trained as an anthropologist at the University of Virginia, earning her PhD in cultural anthropology in 2003 based on two years of field research in Bali, Indonesia. It is this intimate adventure in Bali that allowed her to develop the relationships with the people and theLaura Bellows culture that have led to her founding of JUL. Click here to see a website aimed at a lay audience for which Laura provided images and text aimed at making Balinese cultural life more accessible. This website was part of an exhibition of Balinese paintings and sculpture that Laura conceptualized and curated with Emeritus Professor Clark Cunningham at the Spurlock Museum during a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Agus Astradhi was trained at the Arts University in Bali as a painter and designer. Upon graduation he created jewelry designs for the world famous Balinese jewelry company Suarti. He worked as a free-lance jewelry designer and graphic artistAgus Astradhi before joining JUL in 2007

JUL Designs

We work directly with clothing and bag designers to develop integral bag jewelry and accessory designs in unconventional materials. Many JUL metal designs are created by Laura Bellows in wax, cast by hand in silver, and later reproduced in US casting studios in non-precious metals.
Other designs are generated in conjunction with Balinese co-designer Agus Astradhi and made by hand in Bali. For some items, prototypes are created by hand in Bali and produced in the US

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