Conversations with a Bird Canvas Bag

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

100% Cotton Canvas, fully-lined with a zippered pocket

Available with Canvas Handles

These beautiful, sturdy tote bags, carefully constructed from the best available materials, depict the evocative image of a person in conversation with a bird.  Each part of the visual motifs that adorn the bag are hand silk-screened, hand-cut, then hand-stitched to create a unique, multi-layered effect.  These generously-sized tote bags make a visual and philosophical statement that is both quirky and profound.

Conversation with a Bird is based on the work of a Javanese painter named Budi whose paintings I have loved for years for their simplicity, their wimsy, and often their wisdom and stark truths.  Conversation with a Bird is the first in a series of bags and related designs created by JUL, in collaboration with the artist, that use Budi's wonderful images, making them available to an audience of viewers that would otherwise have no access to these delightful works.

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