Lisbon Chain Closure


Made in the USA

Genuine leather with nickel plated rings

Add a touch of glitz and glamour with this stylish screw-in closure, recently featured on a sensuous and sexy Louisa Harding shrug in a gorgeous multi- page spread of JUL accessories in the 2014 Special Collector's Issue of Vogue Knitting Crochet.



 The Lisbon Chain is adjustable.  On one side is a spring gate ring, which has a hinge that opens to clip onto any of the multiple links in the chain on the other side. It can be clipped onto the top-most link so the rest of the chain hangs down.  This look is the approach Louisa Harding used for the shrug.  When clipped onto the last link, the chain is held in tension between the two tabs.  This configuration makes for a great belt or the closure for a cape

The Lisbon tabs attach easily to the garment by simply screwing into the fabric.  This screw-in approach is ideal for knitwear, crocheted fabric, or loosely woven fabrics where the threaded cylinders that make this type of closure possible can just be worked between stitches/threads. Backing disks are included and held in place by the screws on the wrong side of the fabric to keep the closure secure on the garment.

For semi-permanent attachment of this, and similar, closure(s), place a tiny drop of clear nail polish inside the threaded cylinder before screwing it in.  This keeps the screw snug but still allows it to be unscrewed when you seek to move the closure somewhere else.





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