Lisbon Leather Bag Handle


Made in the USA

Genuine leather

Adjustable trap purse handles with top-stitching:  1" wide by 26" long

2" diameter beveled stainless steel rings

1" wide stainless steel Conway buckles

Available in chocolate brown and black

The Cities series of handles is intended to evoke the personalities of different cities through the configuration of the handle and the hardware used.  The Lisbon is the sibling of Budapest.  Where Budapest is ornamented and expressive, the Lisbon is elegant and refined, classicly understated.  Where the Budapest has floral motifs created with texture and contrast, Lisbon is clear of motif, deriving its charisma from form alone.

The handle is available both with and without screw-in tabs.  Screw-in tabs make for fast attachment to a bag body and interchangeability.  For bags with tabs of the same fabric, the handle with not tabs is the perfect solution.

For semi-permanent attachment of the screw-in tabs, place a tiny drop of clear nail polish in the threaded cylinder before screwing in the screw.  This allows the screw to be unscrewed when needed but ensures the handle stays securely attached until removed.

For permanent attachment, use epoxy instead of nail polish.

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Screw-in Tabs
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