Silk Ruched Cowl


100% Silk

Hand-made and hand-dyed in the USA

These gorgeously soft, semi-solid cowls are tubes of hand-ruched and hand-dyed silk.  They are elegant and romantic when draped around the shoulders or delicately snugged at the neck with a beautiful pin.

Each cowl is utterly unique in color variation, width and length.  

Handmade by Noni

Hand-dyed by Rita Petteys of Yarn Hollow Yarns

Dimensions of the cowls are by color and are listed left to right

Plum - 48 inches in circumference by 9 inches wide

Heirloom Rose - 36 inches in circumference by 20 inches wide

Cherry Blossom - 34 inches in circumference by 13 inches wide

Caribbean - 36 inches in circumference by 14 inches wide


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