Vintage JUL - Palm Triangle Lace Stick


Handmade Fair Trade in Bali,Indonesia

Sapodilla and Coconut Palm Wood

Stick - 4.5 inches

Top - 5/8 inch

This delicate lace stick is made from two trees that are grown in households and gardens, which always tells you that there is no danger the tree has been harvested from rain forests.  People only cut down fruit trees when they no longer bear.  The trees are then replanted.  This particular lace stick is one of only a few we unearthed in the studio on our recent treasure hunt.

The sapodilla produces a wonderful fruit that has a slightly furry, think skin not unlike a kiwi.  The flesh of the sapodilla fruit is a beautiful warm brown and tastes and has the mouth-feel of a honey custard.  When I lived in Indonesia, I always split the fruit in half and ate it out of its skin with a spoon.  A good friend of mine knows I love the fruit so whenever his tree is bearing (they are very big and graceful trees with an oak-like spreading canopy) he gives me big bags of the fruit when I visit. 

The coconut wood used in the center circle in the sticks top is from one of the most important palms in Balinese culture.  The coconuts are used young for a refreshing drink, ripe for fresh grated coconut used in vegetable dishes as well as to make coconut milk and coconut oil, for cooking, medicine, traditional shampoos, sweet desserts, and special offering elements.  Whole coconuts are used in Hindu ceremonies.  The young leaves are carved and folded into decorations for offerings and woven into small packages used in food preparation.

So this little lace stick has an amazing heritage. There are only a few.


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