Alluvial Fan Capelet


 Design by Laura Bellows

 8.5 x 11 inch format, full color, instructions on back

The Alluvial Fan Capelet is inspired by a geologic formation in which a fan-shaped deposit of sediment forms when fast-flowing water emerges from a narrow stream or canyon into an open plain.  There the water slows creating a fanning series of ridges of settled sedimentary material and eroding water channels.  The Capelet is knit side to side with a series of "channels" in stockinette and ridges in reverse stockinette.

JUL Screw-in closures are ideal for creating the ruffled collar of the Capelet and may be attached on the side, as pictured, or in the front.  In addition, the (re)moveability of screw-in closures allows the Capelet to be fully reversible.

This project takes 630 yards color A and 630 yards color B worked on US7 needles

Finished garment measures 35 inches wide by 24 inches tall.

Pictured in Yarn Hollow Tor Worsted.


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