Bronze Single Hand



Made in the USA

1 inch wide x 1.25 inches high x .5 inch deep

This single bronze hand could be in repose, reaching for an object, holding something steady, playing a slow piece on the piano, fingering the strings of a cello, and what else? It was carved in wax by Julian Bellows, my 20 year old son, and then cast in New Mexico using the lost-wax casting method.  This single hand, like the pair of cupped hands, evokes the plaster casts drawn and painted, historically, by students in classical art academies.  The detail on this hand is as fine as the pair of hands, down to the wrinkles in the fingers and the outlines of fingernails.

This graceful hand is all about work and relaxation, readiness, engagement with palm open, ready. What better way to celebrate the intelligence of our hands as makers than by having this single capable hand in your work space, holding your papers in place, your book open, beautiful and interesting, made by hand from the beginning to the end.


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