Colored Edge Triangle Stud Button

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

Patinaed White Brass & Leather - every one is unique

Limited Quantities

Weight - .1 ounces

Ornament Size - 1 inch

Shaft Length - 3/8 inch

Leather disk diameter - 7/8 inch

This style of (re)moveable styling tack has a stud element that is integrated into the button instead of a screw-in mechanism added to a leather disk like our other powerful styling tool - the leather screw-in Pedestal Button Styling Tacks.

The subtle, modulated surface of these stud buttons lends elegance and interest. The iridescent patina is serendipitous and unpredictable. We love being able to bring you these unique looks when they happen by chance in the studio.

To use the button, simply remove the leather backing, slip the button shaft in between the stitches of the knitwear / crochetwear and then pop the leather backing on the shaft on the wrong side of your material.  

It's crisp, quick, and easy. These stud buttons are not just quick finishing. They are instantaneous finishing

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