Cool Rolled Leather 24 Inch Handles

$45.00 - $53.00

Made in the USA

Genuine leather

Prices for Cool handles range from $48 to $53 depending on hardware size

Available in black and truffle in 24 inch lengths only

1.25", 2" or 2.5" Stainless steel rings

Sold in pairs

These rolled leather handles go through about 15 steps, and 15 pairs of hands before they become rolled leather stock. Once we receive this raw stock, we create matched pairs (there is variation in length because they are handmade), measure, punch holes, emboss with JUL, add hardware, and rivet the hardware in place to make the finished handles you will attach to your handmade bags.  

JUL rolled leather handles have a solid leather core between two pieces of English bridle leather, which is sewn in place and then the handles rounded, their raw edges painted.  Because of this sturdy core, rather than a thin outer layer of leather with a piece of cotton cording or rubber inside, JUL handles will wear well for years.  You will be cutting them off one bag to make another as they will last longer then the bags you put them on.  

They are pictured here on a painting by my favorite Indonesian artist, Budi.








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