Cordoba Latch Screw-in Leather Closure


Handmade in the United States

Genuine Leather

6 inches long

leather tabs - .75 inches wide

hardware - 1 3/8 inches wide

Available in black and truffle

The Cordoba Latch is the latest in our series of screw-in leather closures.  The metal latch snaps onto the ring opposite using a lobster-claw mechanism, operated by a small lever on the underside of the closure.  This closure is beautiful on cardigans and accessories as well as narrow belts made using the full range of needlearts techniques.

The Cordoba, like our other screw-in closures, attaches to knitted, crocheted, and loosely woven pieces using threaded cylinders that slide between fibers to be secured on the back with a washer and a screw.  Check out our video demonstration.


To use, unscrew the screws on the back and remove the backing washers from the shank.  Place the closure on your piece and work the shanks of the screws gently in between the stitches of your knitwear from the front.  Place the backing washers over the screw shanks on the inside of the knitwear.  Screw in the screw with your fingers to secure.

To avoid losing screws or backings, place a tiny drop of clear nail polish in the threaded cylinder before securing.  This will keep the closure in place while it's on the body but still allows you to unscrew it when you are ready for a change. Clean the cylinder with nail polish remover on a q-tip between uses.

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