Filigree Round Rings - Pair


Made in the USA

1.5 inch Cast Brass and Pewter Filigree rings

Sold in pairs

The design of these rings uses a style of filigree that is a contemporary manifestation of traditional Balinese ornamental metal work designs. The filigree rings that make these handles striking were the first JUL product.  JUL Designs began with this single item; originally each ring was handmade in sterling silver in Bali, Indonesia by skilled artisans.  This is the design that launched the collaboration with talented Balinese jewelry designer, Agus.  

Producing the filigree rings in higher volume in pewter in the US, and then in brass, allowed a broader public to have access to this beautiful design that looks like it should be a silver or gold bangle but instead is a luxurious purse ring.




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