Lua Penannular Brooch and Stud Button Ensemble - Glossy


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass in a glossy finish

Penannular Brooch

Width Width - 2 inches
Height - 2 inches
Depth - 1/8 inch
Weight - .6 ounces

Stud Button Dimensions

Approximately 1 inch in diameter PLEASE NOTE: Pictured design is approximate. We are still developing the stud button and the image is not necessarily exactly what we will make

Available for Pre-Order for Mid-July - August Delivery

The pin is light, whimsical, and highly functional on its own.  It's even more powerful with the addition of a stud button friend.

This pin and stud button ensemble was inspired by spools of yarn stacked up inside the Burel factory in Manteigas, Portugal. 


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