Midcentury Minimalist Screw-in Leather Closure


Closure Handmade in the USA in the JUL Studio

Minimalist Toggle Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

Genuine Leather & White Brass

Tab width: .25 inches

Total closure length: 4.5 inches

Weight: .45 ounces

Available in black, espresso, indigo, and pewter

This closure adds a narrow leather tab to the Minimalist Toggle Closure, which was originally designed to tie on to knitwear with ribbon or yarn, yielding an extremely light weight and delicate closure for the most diaphanous knits.  This closure adds a diminutive leather screw-in tab to the midcentury modern sleek of the Minimalist Toggle, creating a contemporary, versatile option for those who want the ease of a screw-in closure with greater delicacy and an open profile.

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