Pearl Primus Leather Shawl Cuff


Handmade in the JUL Studio in the United States

Genuine Leather

Available in Black & Truffle

Pearl Primus (1919 - 1994) was a dancer, choreographer, and anthropologist, studying and performing in the 1940s and is considered one of the pioneers of American modern dance who, like so many of her generation, studied under Martha Graham. She also studied with Ismay Andrews, another woman choreographer who was one of the first teachers of African dance in the United States.  Primus is celebrated for her powerful choreographic style and her incorporation of African dance movements and percussion into an American modern dance vocabulary. She is inspiring to me for her personal power as a dancer and her elemental and moving choreography; she is also inspiring for the way she combined her anthropological background with her dance, using dance as a medium to argue against social evolutionary frameworks that positioned African cosmologies and dance and art traditions as savage. 

Like the Tharp Cuff, the Primus Cuff is simple. The use of a heavier leather lends a visual weight inspired by the drama and depth of Primus' dances.

The Primus Cuff is made from a three-quarter inch wide strip of leather that wraps once around your knitwear and closes with a gunmetal snap. This cuff is sleek and robust and lends itself to controlling volume in fingering-weight fiber, as well as dk and worsted weight yarns.

The standard circumference was designed for shawls - 6.25 inches

Weight .6 ounces

This cuff is fabulous as jewelry too and may be ordered in custom lengths.

If you wish to request a custom length, please let us know the finished measurement in a note at checkout.  To obtain this measurement, please wrap a tape measure around your wrist in the manner you would like to wear the cuff.  Inaccurate measurements provided are not the responsibility of JUL.  All custom-length cuff sales are final.

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