Sequined Lace Stud Button


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia and the United States

White Brass & Leather

PRE-ORDER - Estimated Ship Date - Mid-July

Width - Approximately 1.5 inches in diameter

Length of stud shaft - .25 inches

Number of stud shafts - 1

Weight - .4 ounces

This stud button was originally made from pieces of lace that I stiffened with starch and then painted with a copper paint.  The copper-painted lace was then attached to a copper wire and then dipped in a copper-suspension bath that was electrified so that the copper suspension would attach to the copper paint and create a layer of metal with that original lace still inside. I sent those metal pieces - the copper-coated lace - to Agus, my collaborator, in Bali and now, years and years later, he has made them into stud buttons.  


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