Spiral Dragon Shawl Pin


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Width - 3 inches

Height - 2.25 inches

Weight - .6 ounces

This unusual shawl pin concept is not technically a prototype.  We did release the design, under the name Naga (which means dragon in Indonesian) but realized it had a flaw so we didn't continue to carry it as an active product for very long.  The pointed 'fins' on the dragon's body can catch knitwear if the holes in the piece are not big enough.  

It is important to take note of that if you are interested in this shawl pin.  The function is unique - you thread the head through all layers of the knitwear you wish to secure.  Similarly for the tail, but it's worked in between the stitches from the other side.  This is a very interesting piece and I would love to revisit the concept which close attention paid to how it moves in between the stitches, so the problem with this design are not carried in to a new iteration.

Despite the points, this piece will work well on a worsted or aran weight yarn worked on a large-ish needle.


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