Timbrel Vault Stud Buttons - Set of Two Blackened


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia & the United States

White brass & genuine leather backing

Blackened finish option

Diameter - 1 3/8 inches

Weight - .5 ounces

Comes in a re-usable tin

PLEASE NOTE: This is currently a pre-order. Your order will help us to determine which finish we should release on a permanent basis. Through February 26, we will take orders for all three finishes - glossy, satin, and blackened - and whichever one gets more total orders, that is the finish we will retain in the catalog.  For now, you have a choice. Timbrel Vault Button Sets are currently in production and will ship in March and you will receive a special coupon code for subsequent orders as a thank you for participating in our market research ordering experiment.

This stunning pair of stud button styling snaps was inspired by the Timbrel vaulted ceiling of the historic Castelo de S, Jorge in Lisbon, Portugal. In the lower level of the castle, the ceiling consisted of low intersecting arches made of brick, which I had photographed from different angles as I was taken with the varying textures of the converging lines of brick.

I shared those photographs with my creative partner in Bali and he developed several designs that I think are absolutely knockout.  Interestingly, the texture of the brick forms evokes the texture of stitches in a piece of knitting. We hollowed out the back to make the pieces more light-weight. The inversion of the texture on the back just adds to the beauty of these exceptional styling tools.

They are heavier than their smaller counterparts but when they are styled on fingering fabric, they are well-supported by the backing disks and don't give the impression that they are too heavy.

These components are not suitable for the most gossamer fabrics unless used as a shawl cuff.

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