Wrap-Around Leather Bracelet


100% Genuine Italian Leather

Glossy Finish

Hand made in the JUL Studio

These colorful and comfortable leather bracelets are light weight and flirtatious.  This style wraps twice around the wrist and opens and closes with a snap.

Available in the seven colors:

Black, Espresso Bean, Cherry Red, Papaya Orange, Mango Gold, Kiwi Green & Turquoise

Please provide wrist measurement taken in the following manner:

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist twice at the point where you want to wear the bracelet and held as you want the finished bracelet to fit. Do not measure tight on your wrist unless that is exactly how you would like the finished bracelet to fit. All bracelets are .75in wide.

Incorrect measurements provided at the time of purchase are not the responsibility of JUL.  We will make the bracelet to the measurements specified.

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