Serpentine Double Wrap Rosewood Square Cut Shawl Cuff

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Assembled in the United States from components handmade in Indonesia

Genuine leather, white brass & rosewood

Leather Straps available in black, espresso, pewter & bark

Serpentine Element width - 1.25 inches

Serpentine Element height - 1 inch

Charm dimension - 5/8 inches square

Strap width - .5 inches

Finished Cuff length - approximately 14 inches

Cuff weight - .5 ounces

This minimalist and elemental shawl cuff is an elegant and secure solution when you need to capture the volume of an accessory as opposed to penetrating the fiber or fabric to secure it on the body. Shawl cuffs are the ideal styling solution for lacy and finely woven fabrics unsuitable for shawl sticks and shawl pins, screw-in closures, or stud button components. This 15-inch strap can be wrapped two or three times around your shawl depending on the amount of volume you are seeking to control.

The simple, kinetic character of this cuff is elegant and friendly. Wood tones go with everything.

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