Attend a JUL Styling Event Near You!

JUL Styling Events help you get more out of your knitwear by offering a demonstration of exciting new ways to think about styling with closures and knitwear jewelry and helping you develop your own personal styling with one-on-one attention.  

Pre-requisite - Participants must bring knitwear they love (or hate) that they just don't know how to wear.

Event 1: Demonstration:  Thinking Outside the Button Box: Unconventional Styling for Conventional Knitwear Shaped

Event 2: Concierge Style: A Personalized Approach to Developing the Perfect Stylings for Your Life Using Knitwear Accessories 



November 24

Join me at Knit Locally Gaithersburg, MD. 

JUL Styling Event

Event 1: 10:30-12

Event 2: 1-4

Go to the Knit Locally website for more information and sign-ups



December 6 - 5pm - 9pm
Join me at Knits & Pieces in Annapolis, MD

JUL Styling Event


Go to the Knits & Pieces facebook page for more information and sign-ups





December 15 - 10am - 3pm

Join me at the Knitter's Edge in Bethlehem, PA

JUL Styling Event & Jewelry Trunk Show




February 21-24 

Stitches West


May 30-June 2

Stitches United


June 9 & 10

Quilts by the Bay Craft Fair


August 1-5

Stitches Midwest







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