Sulawesi Spiral Shawl Pin

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Made Fair Trade in Indonesia

Cast and hand-finished in white brass

Ring: 2"/5.5cm exterior diameter, 1.5"/3.5cm interior diameter

Stick: 4.75"/12cm long

The inspiration for the Sulawesi spiral is called a Sanggori and is from Central Sulawesi. Here is an old image of a man wearing a Sanggori in the traditional manner.


Where I first encountered a Sanggori in person was in a little antique shop in Bali. I regret I didn't walk into that antique shop one day earlier because by the time I got there this Sanggori and several other Indonesian ethnic headdresses had already been sold. All of them were fabulous and the Sulawesi spiral is a tribute to the incredible beauty and diversity of Indonesian ethnic design.


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