Ancient Geometry Circle Charm


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass, Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver

Weight - .1 ounces 

Ornament Size - 1 inch

This charm may be used to adorn a garment or accessory anywhere. It can become jewelry, a hair ornament, a cuff embellishment, a beautiful bit of kinetic joy somewhere, anywhere, on anything you wear that needs some jazz. If you want to attach it permanently to something that gets laundered, you can remove the pearl and re-purpose that as an ornament elsewhere.  The pearl is not intended to be washed and we can not attest to its durability if it is subjected to water and detergents.

The Ancient Geometry ornaments are inspired by the gorgeous inconsistencies of ancient, handmade ornaments found in archeological sites globally, that tell us stories about the value placed not only on functional objects that help us wear our clothes. but also how important it has always been for those functional objects also to be beautiful.

Free pattern for the neck piece pictured

Fingering weight yarn (not very much). Yarn shown: Malabrigo Sock in the color Land of Oz
US2 knitting needles

Work 3 rows knitting each row (garter stitch)
Row 4 - K1, M1, K1
Work 5 rows, knitting each row
Row 6 - k1, M1, K2
Work 7 rows, knitting each row
Row 8 - K2, M1, K2
Work in garter stitch until it wraps around your neck the number of times you want, with the length you want in the front, then taper in reverse as follows:
K2, K2tog, K1
Work 7 rows, knitting each row
Row 8 - K1, K2tog, K1
Work 5 rows, knitting each row
Row 6 - K1, K2tog (2 sts)
Work 3 rows

Use the yarn ends to attach the Ancient Geometry charms, weaving in the ends and securing the charms at the same time.

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