Black Twig Shawl Stick


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White brass

Total length - 6.5" long

Length of stick portion (excluding ornamental top) - 4 inches

Weight - .3 ounces

The Twig Shawl Stick is earthy and elegant, hand cast, fabricated, and polished by skilled artisans in Indonesia and then hand-patinaed here in the United States in the JUL Studio.

I looked for this twig for weeks during dog-walks in the morning before starting work in the studio.  Each day I collected handfuls of different sized and shaped twigs from different trees and shrubs until I found two I liked, this one which became the Twig Shawl Stick, and another one that became the Twig Lace Pin.  I cast these botanical components myself in silver.  I then shaped the wavy shaft of the shawl stick in silver wire and soldered them together to form the entire piece. 

The Twig Stick is a wonderful complement to both rustic and refined knits and woven fabrics.

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