Midcentury Modern Circle Closure / Shawl Pin Combination


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia & the United States

White Brass & Genuine Leather

Shawl Pin:

Satin Finish

Stick length - 4 inches

Ring inside diameter - 1.375 inches

Ring outside diameter - 1.75 inches

Weight - .4 ounces/10 grams


Available in black, espresso, pewter & bark

Total width - 4.75 inches

Total weight - .7 ounces 

The leather tabs that transform the ring of the Midcentury Modern shawl pin into a closure snap on to the ring and also screw-in to the knitwear, creating an ornamental closure that you can get into and out of with a simple snap on either side of the closure.

The Mid-Century Modern Circle is a metal renderings of hand-drawn shape, representing the beauty and dynamism of imperfection and visualizing the handmade-ness of JUL knitwear jewelry.  This artisanal shape, that evokes the sleek lines of mid-century modern interior design, beautifully complements the elegant forms of contemporary shawls and garments of all kinds.  All of the Modern Shapes highlight simplicity and offer a range of flexible and crisp statements that do not compete with complex stitch patterns and colorwork.

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