Strata Collar Download


Design by Laura Bellows

8.5 x 11 inch format, full color, instructions on back

Strata is a collar knitted side to side that may be worked in a single color or in stripes with ridges along one edge, and a ruffling fullness along the other edge.  It may be worn with the ruffles spreading onto the shoulders or turn upside down so the ruffles frame the face, the front fastened by Jul screw-in, no-sew closures.  The ridges on the edge of this collar are intended to evoke the layers, or strata, of sedimentary rock.  At the same time, the voluptuous sensuality of the ruffles evokes the romance of beautiful silk skirts, tailored jackets, picnics on early spring days, the apple and pear trees in bloom, the brisk temperature allayed by this beautiful collar.

This project in solid color takes 500 yards of worsted weight yarn.  The striped Strata takes 250 yards each of two colors of worsted weight yarn worked on US7 needles.

Pictured in Yarn Hollow Tor Worsted

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