Sediment Collar Download


Design by Laura Bellows

 8.5 x 11 inch format, full color, instructions on back

Sediment is high collar knit side to side with strong vertical structure, meant to evoke layers of sediment visible in wind and water-eroded landscapes like canyons.  The Sediment Collar is reversible, with a highly textured ridge pattern on the knit side and a much more subtle line pattern on the purl side.  The ruffled edge is similar in appearance to a hyperbolic plane, but requires no increasing or decreasing.  Closures may be styled symmetrically, or may be styled asymmetrically with the top of one side of the collar attached to the bottom of the other side.

This project takes 220-250 yards of worsted weight yarn worked on US7 needles

Shown in Yarn Hollow Photograph

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