Sweet Pea Penannular Brooch


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Now available in a glossy or a satin finish.

Weight - .8 ounces

Exterior diameter - 2.25 inches

Interior diameter - 1.5 inches

This lovely penannular brooch is the first in a collection focused on the Sweet Pea, which we have sought to infuse with a loose ambiance of Art Nouveau. This brooch concentrates on the flowers, foliage, and sinuous vines of the Sweet Pea. The fruits make an appearance in the other designs in this collection.

Penannular Brooches are an ancient jewelry form, used in the past in pairs at the front of the shoulders to secure cloaks, robes, and other over-garments. Even with knitwear we love the look of two Penannular Brooches to secure shawls and short rectangles.

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