Women's Wealth Ornament


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Ornament width - 2.5 inches

Ornament height - 2 inches

Weight - .8 ounces

This cuff element is inspired by women's wealth ornaments of the Miao, a minority ethnic group in China, for whom silver jewelry signals beauty, fertility, status and, wealth.  A woman's jewelry is her personal property and accompanies her for her entire life, from childhood through marriage, before being passed on to her daughters. This particular design is based on back ornaments that women use to hold the hand woven and embroidered textiles that make up their ceremonial tunics and represent the infinite cycle of life.

The ornament may be combined with the Simple Snap Leather Cuff or the Snap-On Cuff Strap to create a shawl cuff or used on some other creative way to create a customized closure or ornamental jewelry piece.


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