Black Filigree Dragonfly Shawl Stick


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass with black patina

Stick length: 4.5 inches

Total length: 4.5 inches

Weight: .5 ounces

The Filigree Dragonfly Shawl Stick is now available blackened, which gives it a unique, iridescent blue-black look, not unlike some dragonflies we encounter out in the world!

The design of this Filigree Dragonfly Shawl Stick is unique compared to our other sticks.  We didn't want the ornament to be top-heavy so rather than have the stick extend from the end of Dragonfly's abdomen, the stick is attached to the Dragonfly's head.  So the stick runs underneath the Dragonfly's body, with a space between the two into which the knitwear nests, creating an incredibly stable and beautiful effect.  The Dragonfly appears to have alighted delicately on the knitwear. And who isn't delighted by that!

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