Black Runa Penannular Brooch


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass - Black Patina

Inside diameter - 1.5 inches

Outside diameter - 2.25 inches

Stick length - 3.25 inches

Weight - .5 ounces

Available in black patina and distressed/antique nickel

We have blackened a quantity of our Runa Penannular Brooch to offer two stunning new looks.  At the same time, blackening a portion of our Runa Penannular Brooches represents a rescue attempt.  Let me explain. 

When Covid started, we sought to establish relationships with some new producers because our existing fabrication houses reduced their workforces, resulting in slower production times for us.  By diversifying we hoped to maintain the same speed of production. The casting house we added, it turns out, use a chemical (rather than just water like our favored producer) to clean the flasks they use to make our lost-wax castings.  This chemical, it appears, has caused some subtle staining on the surface of the pin.  We do not agree with using unnecessary chemicals with potentially negative environmental impacts. And we do not agree with wasting materials. So, rather than throw out the pins with staining, I sand them lightly by hand and, now, have blackened some. Each blackened pin is slightly different and the color ranges from gunmetal to iridescent.

This beautiful penannular brooch was designed for knitwear as an alternative to two-piece shawl pins.  Runa is inspired by Norse designs that make liberal use of spiral motifs.  In addition, we love the shape of Norse helmets and used aspects of their form to create the stick portion of this pin.

Click HERE for an Instagram video demonstration on how to use this pin with your knitwear.

Click HERE to watch the demonstration video on YouTube

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