Filigree Tree Frog Shawl Stick


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Satin Finish

Stick length only - 4 inches long

Total length including ornament - 4.5 inches long

Width of Ornament - 1.5 inches

Length of Ornament - 1 5/8 inches

Weight - .5 ounces

The Filigree Tree Frog has a stick that extends up to the top of the ornament, creating a space behind the body of the frog that accommodates the knitwear, making this stick particularly secure and balanced in how it sits on top of your knitted garments and accessories.  The weight balance created by this unique design means the Filigree Tree Frog remains feasible even for very light-weight knits.

Just as we have celebrated pollinators in our series that includes the Honeybee, Monarch Butterfly, Dragonfly, and Hummingbird, we are beginning to celebrate other beloved creatures that are endangered by climate change and pollution caused by humans.  The latest additions to our tiny filigree menagerie are curated from the world's magnificent diversity of amphibious creatures that need us to keep their watery habitats clean and healthy as well as our shared air and earth.  These ornate homages to life's gorgeousness are meant to nudge us to think of what we can do to minimize pollution and plastic trash in support of healthy waterways.

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