Pop Off-Center Screw-in Leather Styling Tack

$6.50 - $7.75

Handmade in the United States

Genuine Leather

Sold individually

Available in Black and Truffle

Diameter: 1.125 inches

Weight: .3 ounces

Pop Screw-in Styling Tacks take the Pedestal Button off-center, adding a chic and asymmetrical statement to your knits, while holding your stylings in place and taming knitwear misbehavior.

Screw-in Styling Tacks allow you to create new shapes from your conventional knitwear garment, shawl, and accessory designs by screwing into the knitwear, marrying multiple layers of material together securely and quickly.  Turn a shawl into a poncho, an open cardigan into a double-breasted jacket, a stole into a shrug.  And do it all with style and elegance, and a little off-center whimsy.

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