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Rivets sold in packages of 100

Double-cap rivets have a range of uses, including attaching hardware to felted, sewn, or handwoven bags.

To set double cap rivets, push the male part of the rivet through the material from the front to the inside.  Place the female part over the male and click into place.  Put the female cap against the steel anvil (T2) and the concave end of the rivet setter over the male cap.  Holding the rivet setter vertical (perpendicular to the surface of the anvil), tap lightly but firmly with a rubber, wooden, or rawhide mallet.  Hitting the rivet too hard may damage the rivet and cause it not to set straight.  To estimate the appropriate length of rivet to purchase, see guidelines on the Rivets product page.

Recommendation:  Practice on scrap material of the same thickness before setting rivets in your final piece.




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