Stud Button Retro-fit Kit - Satin Set of 2


Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia & the USA

White brass & Genuine Leather

Satin finish

Set of 2

PRE-ORDER - Estimated Ship Date - Mid-July

Weight - .1 ounces

Stud head diameter - 3/8 inch

Stud shaft length - 1/2 inch

Leather disk diameter - 7/8 inch

The new Stud Button Retrofit Kit allows your customer to turn any JUL screw-in closure or pedestal button into a stud button closure or pedestal button.

This new small stud component and our innovative buttonhole backing replace the Chicago screws and plastic washers of our previous designs, further enhancing the ease, wearability, and versatility of your handmade knits and crochet.

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