Midcentury Modern Circle Shawl Stick

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Satin Finish

Total length - 4 inches

Ornament size - 1 inch

Total weight - 3 ounces

One of the wonderful things about shawl sticks is the sheer quantity of styling real estate they have the capacity to control.  What other styling tool controls a full four inches of knitwear with one simple tool?  

Thread the stick in and out of the knitwear so that the wiggles we design into these tools can do their job - of grabbing onto the fabric and holding your styling in place through tension and friction.  

Once the Midcentury Modern Stick is in place, the ornament looks like a button, even as the stick does for different work than a button.  

Simple, elegant, powerful.

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